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Roofs & Solar is the leading solar panel installation and maintenance company in Clovis CA. Whether you're looking at upgrading your residential power in favor of a renewable and cost-efficient system or are considering employing solar energy to drive your business - we are the go-to company for solar solutions in the Clovis area. With over 22 years of experience in roofing and solar installation, we are committed to delivering the best results possible for all of our Californian customers

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Our Solar Energy Solutions

Solar Installation


Our professional solar experts will help install solar panels for both commercial, residential, and agricultural projects in Clovis CA. No matter the size of the undertaking at hand, we have the right expertise to make sure that the installation goes smoothly and helps you turn your roofing into an energy-saving powerhouse.

Solar Panels & Energy-Saving Technology

Our top-rated company of professionals can help you choose the best solar solution for your needs. Whether you're looking to save money on power or wanting to switch to a renewable energy source - we've got you covered with a wide spectrum of services and solar products.

Solar System Maintenance & Home Improvement

Whether you're looking to clean, monitor, or fine-tune the performance of your solar panels, our company can help you make sure that your solar system is running at peak-performance year-round to keep your home or business entirely energy-efficient.

Our Guarantee

We are so confident in our work that we provide our customers with a 25-year long warranty on solar panels and installation or maintenance services. Of all companies in Clovis CA, we are the only team that uses premium-quality materials in our solar panel system solutions. We also guide our clients through every step of the way, from a team of professional advisors to help you design the perfect solar panel system for you, to solar manufacturers and roofing experts to help transform your home or facilities into a sustainable electricity-saving hub.

Solar Panel Services In Clovis CA

If you're a homeowner, business owner or farmer that's looking to leverage the benefits of making the switch to solar energy in the Clovis CA area - we are one of the best local solar companies to help you with every step of the process, from consultation to solar installation and maintenance. What makes us your best bet? Our company has over 22 years of experience with solar technologies, and we carry the largest selection of solar panel products when compared to other local companies.

California Roofs & Solar was founded with one purpose in mind - to help our clients increase their energy-efficiency and cut down on their electric bills. We are an eco-friendly company and do our best to help with providing and advancing sustainable technologies to help do our part for the environment. And we take great pride in the range of services, from roofing to solar installation, that we offer in an around the Clovis area.

With over 100 happy reviews from our customers available online, our company is one of the most trusted solar installation providers across all of California. And it's this exact reputation that enables us to invest so heavily into making sure that our solar systems outlast any competitor variants by a longshot. However, solar installation and system design isn't the only thing we focus on. Over the years, we've developed a whole suite of complementary services to help you accrue more savings by lowering your reoccurring electricity cost.

Vivian came out to my home a few days ago, unfortunately I’m not ready to make a decision at the moment but, Vivian did a great job on explaining everything the company offered to the payment options available. She has an amazing personality and was very understanding of my concerns.The quality and value she provided to me was great! Thank you for reaching back out to me to make sure my questions were answered!

Melissa Gibson

California roofing and solar just completed out new roof and it looks amazing. My husband and I really love the quality of the work and how everything matches together. The crew was very timely when working and cleaned up the area really well as well. We had one small accident during the roof install but the responsiveness and quality of how they went to fix it was above and beyond. They made sure that everything was up to par. It was nice having Guillermo and Alfredo check in with us throughout the entire process as well. Thank you so much!

Christin Layton

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