Davinci Roof Replacement Alternative To Shake And Slate

Beautiful Roof Replacement Alternative

Homeowners now have an alternative when they look for a roof that is good looking and offers long-lasting protection.

Davinci roofs became popular in the East of the United States due to its high storm resistance. The magnificent look and the superior technical benefits have made their way to the entire country.

Homeowners that want the look of roof shakes are delighted with the final product.
Davinci Slate offers the European look that makes a home be the envy of the neighborhood.

The cost of Davinci slate roof is very reasonable; the stone slate costs about 2500 dollars per 100 square feet, and Davinci cost is around 1800 dollars. Consider the bleeding and the breakage of slate into the cost of maintenance as an extra expense if you decide to use natural slate for your roof.

Slate Bleeding

The cost for Davinci Shake is about 1200 dollars per every 100 per square feet, compared to natural wood shake 800 dollars per 100 square feet. You want to consider that Davinci shake roofs will last up to 50 years, which is double the lifetime of a natural wood roof. If you have a home with a pitch over 8/12 pitch, Davinci Roofs will look fantastic on your roof.

Check them out at https://www.davinciroofscapes.com/ to learn more, and if you are in look for a roof replacement in the Fresno, Sacramento Modesto, or Bay Area, which we serve, we will be pleased to provide you with expert Davinci roof installation. All images are jobs our local roofers installed.

Davinci Roofing Benefits


Davinci products will not break, unlike tile roofs or slate stone that have high breakage.

Fading Color

The color of your Davinci roof will not fade, not to mention the ability to be able to choose a custom-designed color.


Davinci products have a limited warranty of at least 50 years.

No Moss

Tile and slate due to its composition tend to attract moss. The dirt that collects over time and the rain combined promote weed and moss growth. Davinci product offers a solution to these particular problems. Learn about moss on the roof here.