Don’t overpay for your commercial roofing

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Do you know that commercial roofing differs from residential roofing? If you ask your roofers in Fresno, they will tell you the exact same thing and will also tell you how several roofing contractors in Fresno can easily cheat you into paying much more and for something that is not even installed in the first place. So does this mean you could be tricked out of your hard-earned money with just a bit of an effort and false claim?

Well, to sum it up in one word, YES!

But you can prevent it from happening by understanding how roof replacement actually works. That’s right. Before you bring in a professional for the job, do take out some time this season to make sure everything is thought out and planned carefully and thoroughly. Learn how to differentiate between different kinds of roofs and their purpose.

How Well Do You Understand The Difference Between Residential And Commercial Roofing?

You can ask your roofers in Fresno how they both differ and they will have to answer you. If they hesitate in answering that question, you need to ditch them right away. Understand that the shape of the roofline differs a lot. There will be a difference between the slope of a roofing system installed on a residential building and the one on a commercial building. It is going to affect the interior volume of the building significantly as well. The roofing also impacts the drainage and the style of the building. There is also a major question of suitability for material choices here. For example, your roofing contractors in Fresno should be able to tell you why residential roofs typically have a steeper pitch, and why commercial systems are usually given a low slope.

Also when it comes to the design of the building, a steep slope roofing system will be considered more aesthetically pleasing to the onlooker. You can see that a steep roof makes a home look a lot more visually appealing and adds an element of uniqueness to its exterior. Needless to mention there will be little maintenance required, as this design will let the rainwater slide down more easily because of its pitch. Many homeowners also opt for it because it lets them avoid direct exposure to UV rays of the sun.

On the other hand, commercial roofing is usually seen to be flat primarily because they are easier and faster to install. They can also withstand foot traffic better, and they don’t drill a hole in your pocket either because of their minimal upkeep costs. The bottom line is that whichever you pick, make sure you work with a reliable roofing contractor in Fresno.